Google Cloud Hosting

We made the decision here at GETS to move our entire infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform early 2017, making us the first managed WordPress host to exclusively utilize the platform. By doing this we could ensure a high-level of redundancy and have granular control over our servers while also having the ability to tweak our…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

This free eBook is designed to teach you about the fundamentals of SEO in an easy to understand manner. We’ll walk through what SEO is and why it matters to your website or blog. Knowing the why will help you understand the importance of the how and you’ll be in a better place to apply…

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Marketing Platform updates Q2 2017

It’s been a while since we last wrote a post about updates to the GETS Marketing Platform. However this certainly isn’t because of a lack of actual updates – far from it in fact! In truth, we’ve been through a period of consolidation and for the last few months our focus has been on improvements…

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How to Create a Member Dashboard Page With Restrict Content Pro

One of the most important pieces to the retention puzzle for a membership site is the return experience – which has a lot to do with what your members see and how they are directed to the various premium benefits when they return to your site. With Restrict Content Pro, there’s no built in “member…

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Consulting eXpress

Let us build your new website – only 997

We know your last website project took months … but imagine if it could take just one week this time. Yes, We can work that quickly for you, and getting ready is easy for you too with a checklist and preparation guide. Don’t be stuck with a website you can’t change yourself, get empowered to make those changes…

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How To Use Facebook Ads To Make Money

Facebook advertising is a great platform to make money. You can set up an ad campaign for as little as $10 per day and start seeing results immediately. It’s built in targeting options make it simple to deliver your advertisements to exactly the right audience. For example, if you are selling a training course, you…

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5 WordPress Features You (Probably) Didn’t Know Existed

Every month or so WordPress pushes an update. You probably get an email saying ‘your site has updated to the latest version.’ Except for the yearly upgrade of the 20X theme, it’s rarely obvious what’s changed. Most of the updates happen ‘behind the scenes’ but now and then a new feature arrives that makes the…

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Push Notifications

Push Notifications vs Email: No Country For Old Men

For The Sake of Growth Growth is a natural desire of all ventures, from small businesses to huge TNCs. Marketing is a great and ultra-efficient tool destined to help you grow. It is omnipresent today because every business communicates with its audience in different ways, using various channels. And that’s exactly what this post is…

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List Building Secrets Part 1

List Building Secrets – Part 1

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