Renewal Reminders

A MemberMouse AddOn

The GETS Renewal Reminder is a Membermouse addOn that enables you to send emails to your customers any number of days ahead of the next payment.

How does it work?

GETS Renewal Reminder plugin uses the WordPress scheduler function to execute a cron job once a day. This means that once a day, the plugin runs a script that looks for payments that are X days before processing and sends an email to each user that meets the criterias. The number of days can be customised to each reminder.


Customise each email

With GETS Renewal Reminder you can create and customise as many reminders as you want, for all of your membership levels. Comunicate with your members efficiently by customising the

  • Email subject
  • Email content
  • Email sender name
  • Email sender address
GETS Renewal Reminder email
GETS Renewal Reminder days

Remind the members when you decide to

GETS Renewal Reminder allows you to remind your members in good time before renewal. Annual subscription? monthly subscription? Maybe weekly? It doesn't matter, GETS Renewal Reminder handles it.

Customise to each membership level or bundle

Create emails that are customised to each membership level or bundle. Maybe you want to send one email to all your basic members and a different email to your premium members.

GETS Renewal Reminder membership level
GETS RR stats 2
GETS RR stats


GETS Renewal Reminder reports back to you when the job is done. You can see who got the reminders, what reminders they received and more.

  • Total reminders created
  • Total reminders sent
  • Most sent reminder
  • Amount of reminders sent last 7/14/30 days
  • Lastest sent reminders


With GETS Renewal Reminder (GETS RR) Membermouse AddOn solves the problem with sending renewal reminders to your members. With GETS RR you can:

  • Customise the email content, subject and sender in each reminder
  • Decide how many days prior to renewal to send the email
  • Send reminders customised to each membership level or bundle
  • See full reporting

The action will trigger when someone visits your WordPress site, if the scheduled time has passed.

Remember to read the "Read-Me-First.pdf" before using this plugin.


1. Install the plugin in wp-content/plugins
2. Activate the Plugin
3. Create new Reminders

1. Deactivate plugin
2. Copy new files to directory
3. Activate Plugin



Version - 20-12-2017

  • Code improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version - 31-07-2017

  • Code improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.2.3 - 07-12-2016

  • Code improvements
  • Code cleanup
  • It's now possible to view upcomming emails
  • Design changes
  • Implmented chart js for statistics

Version 1.2.1

  • Query optimisation
  • Removed "free" option from receiver list, as they do not have any "Next payment".
  • Some bug fixes

Version 1.2.0

  • Fixed problem with reporting
  • Fixed licensing bugs
  • New functionality! It's now possible to add a reminder based on the bundle

Version 1.1.0

  • Send reminders to each membership level
  • Customise the sender name and email address in each reminder
  • Design improvements
  • Bug fixing
  • Massive overhaul on the cron job

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release

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