The WordPress Warrior That Allows You To Take Full Control Over Your WordPress Dashboard Branding

WPLabel allows you to give your websites a more personalized and less confusing dashboard by completely rebranding the WordPress admin area and making it your own. With Whitelabel Branding for WordPress, you can take full control over the branding in WP-admin and decide who has access to what features.

Having spent countless hours on your design and code, sweating all the details... shouldn’t your Content Management System reflect your brand? And while you’re at it, how about making it beautiful instead of run-of-the-mill?

With WPLabel, you can create a completely customized WordPress dashboard without any WordPress branding. Your clients won’t even know that you’re using WordPress! Create a look and feel that matches your brand.


Reimagine the WordPress dashboard in a clean, modern, and simplified design. Your clients will love it. Change or remove all WordPress branding, creating a true Whitelabel admin area for your websites. Create your color scheme, add your branding to both the admin and login pages — make it your own!

Purchase WPLabel and start rebrand your WP-sites today

WPLabel Std

29.00 per year
  • Up to 5 domains
  • Support & Upgrades

Inner Circle Pass

97.00 per month
  • Access to all Plugins and AddOns
  • Access to our Marketing Platform
  • Support & Upgrades
  • Collection of ready to use templates

WPLabel Pro

67.00 per year
  • Unlimited domains
  • Support & Upgrades
  • Collection of ready to use templates


How much storage does WPLabel take up?

With WPLabel, everything is as easy as it can get. WPLabel has been designed into a plugin for WordPress. So as soon as you’be purchased it, you can activate the plugin on your WordPress and that’s it! No heavy software, no tricky cloud based systems. Just access from anywhere, anytime!

Do I have a money back guarantee?

Well in 30 hours you would have seen the money flowing in, you will forget all about our 30 day money back guarantee because it will be so irrelevant. But still…just in case…YES. You investment is covered by our 30 day money back guarantee.

What can I brand in my WP site?

– Dashboard
– Public Dashboard Panel
– Editor Dashboard Panel
– Admin Dashboard Panel
– Remove Dashboard Widgets
– Disable dashboard welcome panel

What includes in footer branding?

– Footer logo
– Developer Name
– Hide WordPress Version Footer

What other things i can do with WPLabel?

– Remove – WordPress from page title
– Favicon
– Hide WordPress Update Nag
– Hide update download link
– Hide Contextual Help
– Hide Screen Options
– Hide Favorite Actions

What WPLabel allows me to do/change in login page?

– Enable custom login screen
– Login logo URL
– Login background URL

What can I change/do in Form?

– Form background
– Background attachment
– Background repeat
– Background color
– Background color code

What can I change/do with my appearance settings?

– WordPress Admin Color Scheme
– Admin Color Scheme
– Save Color Scheme

How does WPLabel safeguard my websites against hacking?

Hackers love targeting WordPress sites for their basic interfaces. But thanks to WPLabel and all the rebranding it does, hackers will never ever guess that your website in built on WordPress! Since you remove every trace of WordPress branding from the site, the smartest programmers won’t be able to guess the platform your site is built on and thus won’t know how to penetrate it. System Secure!

What can I change in header section?

– Header logo
– Header logo title
– Header logo width
– Change “Howdy,” next to user name on top navbar
– Move logout link to the right

What can I change in Email Branding?

– Email from
– Email from name

What can I change/do in Navigation (Menus, submenus, admin bar…)?

– Main Menus
– Submenus
– Reorder Admin Menu
– Admin Bar
– Hide admin bar
– Hide admin bar settings
– Move logout link to the admin bar
– Hide admin bar items

What can I do/change with Backgrounds using WPLabel?

– Background position
– Background repeat
– Background color
– Background color code

How can I change Opacity and what WPLabel allows me to do?

– Form Shadow
– Labels
– Corner Radius
– Form Shadow
– Input text fields
– Submit Button
– Alternative Login Template
– Smaller Windows, Alternative Login Template – Stylesheet

What includes in Role Management?

– Administrator
– Editor
– Author
– Contributor
– Subscriber
– Roles and Capabilities Change WP admin folder name

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
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